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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.“-Mark Twain

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 We are proud to report that named our column to their “Best of 2016.”

We are also proud to report that included our recommendation in their Hotel Marketing Ideas- 25 Ideas Direct From The Pros.

Our latest trip took us on a road trip to Athens, Georgia and Cass, West Virginia. Fortunately, we managed to be where Hurricane Matthew wasn’t.

Next up: We’re taking the Louisianne, a French American Lines riverboat, down the Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans.

Here is our latest column on our fabulous Elegant Canadian Rockies tour with Uncommon Journeys.  We hopped the train from Seattle to Glacier National Park. and toured one U.S. and three Canadian National Parks. Amazing!  

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  • We also simply adore traveling by train so we’re including a lot of stuff on that subject too.

Our goal is to weave together ideas and tips from us and other savvy travelers to help make your traveling easier, more enjoyable, simpler and enable you to squeeze more value from your precious time and money.

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