We’re constantly web searching in our quest for great places for Simply Smart Travelers. Along the way, we’ve seen thousands of online sites that deal with travel. Many (most actually) are pushing their properties or trying to sell you some travel deal that pays them a high commission. While that can be OK if the sites are willing to disclose their affiliations (and we’ve included some of the better ones here), what we really like are sites which offer solid, reliable area information, disclose who they work with and why and/or are hosted by unbiased organizations such as tourist and convention bureaus or local governments. Sure, the latter are hyping their region but they don’t force you to book with the hotel or restaurant that gives them the biggest booking commission.

Here are some of our current favorite web sites with just a phrase of commentary after each one about why we’ve included it.

Please check back with this list frequently since we’re adding (and occasionally subtracting) links quite often. If there are errors, please email us and let us know about them. If you have suggestions, for more good links, please pass them on.

General Travel Links An established travel site that has a lot of airline news,

The Secret Traveler  This award-winning travel-writer from this insurance provider’s blog has gone incognito to share some of his best kept secrets and travel tips.

Educational Travel Links


Family Travel Links


Traveling With Pets Links


Florida Travel Links

Moving to Florida We did it in 1995 and have loved it ever since. We’ve lived on both coasts Not affiliated with the state government but has a lot of resources. to florida/ The official state site. Full of authoritative info. A quirky but entertaining and surprisingly accurate real estate blog about moving to Florida. Robin Draper from Siesta key (Sarasota) Florida, the location of the great beaches of the world, loves Florida and chronicles its quirks, byways and attractions.


Over-50 Travel Links One of the original over-50 traveling groups and still good. A comprehensive site with tips on all aspects of living and thriving after 50.

Traveling By Train America’s pseudo-national passenger rail network. The multi-nation rail travel consortium that offers Eurail Passes.

www.SNCF.comThe French national railroad, operator of the superb TGV high-speed luxury trains. The Canadian national rail transportation network. Swiss national rail system, the world’s most efficient and the gold standard for others to follow.  China’s rapidly growing high speed rail system. Japan’s pioneer Shinkansen system is still a world leader. excellent commercial train travel site.


Tourist Train Rides’s listing of tourist railways in North America listed by states or provinces.


Great Places to See/Photograph and Learn About Trains A great source for free railroad photos. The home of Kalmbach Publishing’s popular railroad magazines Wes Modes’ listing of train songs

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