See Underwater at Deerfield Beach

By: simplysm

Watch underwater life at the Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

DISCLAIMER: The cameras are monitored regularly from Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. If there is a technical problem after hours, it likely will not be resolved until the following business morning. Additionally, the globe wiper rests in the camera’s view from time to time, should this occur after hours rest assured it will eventually move out of the view.

PLEASE REMEMBER the underwater camera is located at the bottom of the ocean and is subjected to the natural elements of the sea like heavy wind, storms, and substantial wave action due to its location in a high surf zone. It will go down on occasion or it may be glitchy on certain days. This equipment and your view are at the mercy of Mother Nature. So please be patient and kind with your comments.

KEEP IN MIND that the weather will affect the water quality, which will affect your view. Cloudy conditions, heavy rain, freshwater runoff could make the water appear different in color and even murky. The surf can also bring more nutrient content in the water. Please be patient with Mother Nature.

Thank you to the City of Deerfield Beach for their permission to bring you this camera. Click on the link below and enjoy! No scuba gear required!

Go Live Beneath the Atlantic Ocean Surface