Press Room

Welcome to our press room. Pull up a virtual chair and have a virtual cup of coffee with us.

• If you want a current media kit, just click here: SST Press Kit.  If you want more information, please email us at with your request.

• If you’re looking for an article, blog or photo we have previously published, please check our Syndicated Column page first. If it’s not there, please email us.

• All of our articles and photos are copyrighted, so if you want permission to use something we have produced, please make your request via email.

For Editors and Publishers
Our principal writer has been a freelancer, columnist, managing editor, executive editor and magazine publisher during his career, so we get deadlines, story assignments, writing for the audience, AP Style, hi-res photos and word limits. If you have a travel assignment for us in mind, please contact Jeff Orenstein directly at

For Journalists
We’re working journalists and bloggers ourselves so we have a huge amount of empathy for those who toil in the newsroom, blogosphere or broadcast studio. If you want our help with a story or project you are working on, just ask. If we can help, we will.

If you are a journalist, blogger or broadcaster and are looking for a travel-knowledgeable guest or interview subject, we usually say yes, so don’t hesitate to ask. Email us at .

For Travel Professionals and Venue and Tour Managers
We’re always eager to learn about exceptional travel destinations and services and let our readers know about them. If you think your destination or service should be featured in our columns, blogs or website, please email Dr. Jeffrey Orenstein at us with your query.

Note that as ethical professional travel journalists we do participate in selected press tours and fam visits that meet our interests and our busy schedules. Our policy is to always write honestly and candidly about the places we visit.  We owe it to our readers to be authentic and candid in the articles we write about the places we visit so please do not try to buy us. We are not for sale.

If you want invite us to tour your property or experience your service via a fam visit and agree with our policy of candor, please send your invitation to Dr. Jeffrey Orenstein at