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Savvy Over 50 Travelers

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Tips, Trips and Tid-Bits for the Savvy Over-50 Traveler.

Why are there so many over-50 travel companies and tour operators? Because being 50 or older (sometimes a lot older) today is not what it was in when your parents and grandparents were that age. Today, those of us in the second half of our lives live longer, work longer, stay fit longer, have more disposable income and travel far more for business and pleasure than our ancestors ever dreamed about.

We’re also better educated, are able to easily access more information and are more adventuresome than previous generations.

The old over-50 travel largely focused on quiet luxury resorts, cruises that were long on leisure and short on activities and sightseeing and gentle bus tours that started late in the day and got everybody back t...

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St. Augustine’s Fabulous Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast

Casa de Suenos

The Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast in St. Augustine’s Historical District

When respected St. Augustine innkeepers Joe and Margaret Finnegan of the highly-rated St. Francis Inn launch another bed and breakfast inn in historic St. Augustine, Florida. you expect the best. We were not disappointed. Simply Smart Travel recommends this great little inn highly.

Located in the historic district at 20 Cordova Street, a mere a five minute walk from the waterfront, the Casa de Suenos Bed and Breakfast has seven comfortable rooms, each with a different décor and some even include balconies and two-person jetted tubs. The inn also boasts a really inviting dining and lounge area and great service.

The amenities for guests begin free parking, a rare commodity in St. Augustine’s historical district...

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Travel Tips For The Over 50 Set

Jeff and Ginny Orenstein abaord a private car at Tampa Union Station.

Jeff and Ginny Orenstein aboard a private car at Tampa Union Station.

Boomers On The Move: Travel Tips For The Over 50 Crowd

It may be a cliché, but the oft-heard observation that 50 is the new 30 certainly applies to travel. While being over 50 makes you a “senior citizen, it doesn’t necessarily put you in the “travel for the elderly” category that involves rocking chairs on the porch of luxury resorts or resting on cruise ship deck chairs with a blanket on your lap.

Today’s over 50 travelers are healthier, in better shape, more adventuresome and travel more often than previous generations. So-called elderly travel” category has morphed from the rocking chair into “getting out there,” as cruise commercials exhort. And let’s not forget that age hath its privileges and perks...

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