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Photos From Our Recent Trips

Here are some photos we took on our recent trips.

Please check this page regularly as we update it as the spirit moves us.

The Old Mill Wheel at Martha Berry College in Rome, Georgia

cherry trees in bloom

Cherry trees in bloom at beautiful Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Montreal and the St. Lawrence from Mt. Royal

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park’s Lake McDonald

Canadian crossing trestle

The westbound Via Canadian crosses a trestle on Canada’s great prairie as the train makes its way to Vancouver.

Beautiful Sarasota, Florida

Cypress tress in Florida’s Babcock Wilderness

Two Roseate Spoonbills fly low over the Matanzas River in St. Augustine soon after dawn.

Two herons fly low over the Matanzas River in St...

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Savvy Over 50 Travelers

Shaghai Bund 7

Tips, Trips and Tid-Bits for the Savvy Over-50 Traveler.

Why are there so many over-50 travel companies and tour operators? Because being 50 or older (sometimes a lot older) today is not what it was in when your parents and grandparents were that age. Today, those of us in the second half of our lives live longer, work longer, stay fit longer, have more disposable income and travel far more for business and pleasure than our ancestors ever dreamed about.

We’re also better educated, are able to easily access more information and are more adventuresome than previous generations.

The old over-50 travel largely focused on quiet luxury resorts, cruises that were long on leisure and short on activities and sightseeing and gentle bus tours that started late in the day and got everybody back t...

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