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Traveling Like A Railroad Baron: Private Train Across The Cascades

private cars

Our private cars tucked on the end of the Empire Builder on the platform at Whitefish, Montana.

Traveling Like A Railroad Baron

Uncommon Journeys Private Train Across the Cascades

Moira, our tour guide, led us out a private door from the main waiting room of Seattle’s King Street station onto the platform. We walked past the scores of passengers lined up inside the station waiting behind a barrier to board the waiting Amtrak Empire Builder passenger train for their journey to Chicago. We followed Moira down the platform past the Amtrak cars to the  three private cars (“varnish” in train buff lingo) that were attached to the rear of the Empire Builder.

As we reached the open doorway of our private sleeping car, an impeccably-uniformed attendant bid us a warm welcome, He helped us up ...

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