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Revisiting Fort Lauderdale: It Still Deserves The Title Of Tourist Magnet Extraordinaire

Jungle Queen boat

The Jungle Queen is a popular Ft. Lauderdale tourist attraction

Before our migration from Boca Raton on Florida’s Atlantic coast to Sarasota on the Gulf coast in early 1999, we were frequent visitors to neighboring Broward County and Greater Fort Lauderdale to visit friends and enjoy the restaurants and recreational opportunities.

So, when we embarked on recent road trip back to our old stomping grounds in June, 2016, we were curious to see what has changed and what has endured. There are ample amounts of both.

For starters, the impressive infrastructure of greater Fort Lauderdale has stood the test of time...

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Autumn In Florida: Paradise Enjoyed

Fall In Florida

By Jeffrey R. Orenstein, Ph.D., Simply Smart Travel

This autumn we will mark our twenty year anniversary since we moved from Ohio to Florida. One of the things we missed during our first few years in the Sunshine state was the annual abrupt change that marked each autumn in northern Ohio. Like clockwork, the tress put on their gorgeous display of color and the weather turned sharply colder, even though so-called Indian summer warm spells were frequent. Unfortunately to this warmth-loving writer, frosts and even an occasional snowfall that tuck were also part of an Ohio October. They were the inevitable harbingers of the long winter to come.

But now that I am an honorary Florida native (a curious cultural phenomenon that seems to happen to transplanted residents after about ...

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Summer In Florida

Tampa's TECO Trolley runes every 15 minutes to and from Ybor City.

Tampa’s TECO Trolley runes every 15 minutes to and from Ybor City.

A Saturday In Tampa Slightly Off The Beaten Path

 If you’re ever in downtown Tampa on a business trip and have the better part of a half day free, there are some interesting attractions very close by and certainly worth a visit.

While Busch Gardens, Rays baseball and International Mall attract the throngs, if you stray off the beaten path a bit, there is a lot to see.

I recommend a visit to be the beautifully restored Tampa Union Station, served by Amtrak’s New York to Miami route. Built in 1912 and renovated in 1998, the Italian Renaissance edifice sees two trains daily and is the third busies station in Florida. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and is beautiful inside and out.

A fairly short walk ea...

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Savvy Over 50 Travelers

Shaghai Bund 7

Tips, Trips and Tid-Bits for the Savvy Over-50 Traveler.

Why are there so many over-50 travel companies and tour operators? Because being 50 or older (sometimes a lot older) today is not what it was in when your parents and grandparents were that age. Today, those of us in the second half of our lives live longer, work longer, stay fit longer, have more disposable income and travel far more for business and pleasure than our ancestors ever dreamed about.

We’re also better educated, are able to easily access more information and are more adventuresome than previous generations.

The old over-50 travel largely focused on quiet luxury resorts, cruises that were long on leisure and short on activities and sightseeing and gentle bus tours that started late in the day and got everybody back t...

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