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Simply Smart Travel is a company dedicated to providing savvy over 50 travelers with the best travel information we can find. We take our motto of tips, trips and tidbits seriously and love to share what we learn as we travel and from the experts we consult.

We publish Simply Smart Travel, a monthly syndicated travel column carried on this web site and in select magazine and newspaper publications.

Since we love to travel by rail, to explore Florida and place a high value on learning, a lot of our writing focuses on this.

We’re not a travel agency (although we work closely with a few we have learned to trust) and we are definitely not in the business of writing fluff and puff pieces for hire. We usually finance our own travel and when we do accept a rare fam trip or participate in a press excursion, we always stipulate up front that we “call ‘em as we see em”.

Currently, we are working on putting together and leading some sensational trips by train in Canada and by riverboat in Europe. If you want to be in the loop for these and other trips, please join our free Simply Smart Travel Club and you’ll be among the first to know what we’ve cooked up.